Thursday, August 4, 2011

{ A Mid-Summer Night's Post }

Summer has finally made her grand appearance in the Pacific Northwest, and we have been out enjoying every drop of sunshine that we can soak up – which has left very little time for documenting our activities. But my baby bear is asleep, hubby is relaxing on the couch, and I have a moment with my thoughts and my laptop to share a little bit of what we’ve been up to.

We have waited with frustrated angst patiently through most of July to have any consistent warm, sunny weather. I thought if we had one more day of rain I would do something desperate. But slowly, beautiful days started to string together, eventually forming glorious summer weeks. It is so breathtaking to get up in the morning and peer out my window and see that we have blue skies and sunshine AGAIN!

This sweet little girl and I took a trip to Boulevard Park on the bay for a little stroll and to watch the sunset. It was so beautiful, and so much fun to spend time with Annie...away from the house and the day-to-day stuff we have going on. Just to sit and watch the sun go down and the water lap gently on the rocky shore. Annie practiced sitting up like a big girl, while trying to pull up grass and eat it like her big pup, Wesley.
Our big, sweet dog commands a lot of attention when we go out

I almost missed this moment. Annie has been taking 3-hour naps right smack in the middle of the day, normally getting up around 4:45. It is so easy to let opportunities pass me by, because by the time she wakes up, we have to walk the dog, eat dinner, play a bit, take a bath, and then off to bed. But I forced myself on this day to load up a baby, a Saint Bernard, a stroller, and enough belongings to keep us all fed and happy for a few hours into our truck and take off. 

Spontaneity is becoming less and less of a scary thing for me. I am a planner by nature, and like to have things on the calendar so that I can be prepared ahead of time. But with a baby who's need for sleep apparently changes with the wind, I am learning to roll with the punches a little more. Besides, as Annie grows I want her to see a mother who is organized, but will drop everything for a great trip to the park, or will drive the long way so we can see that field with the horses, or will linger on the Barbie aisle at Target for 25 minutes for her to pick just the right doll...You can't make plans for those memories. The opportunites just come up, and you take 'em, or ya don't.

Summer means dinner on the deck...and in the buff. Well...only people that smear their carrots in their hair have to eat in the buff. 
Trip to the doggie park
Park playdate
 What have you all been up to this summer? What memories are you making with your families? I hope your summer is beautiful, even if half of it does end up being rain.

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  1. Love the pics of my beautiful girls! And Wesley of course! Love you, Mom