Friday, July 8, 2011

{ A Nursery Tale }

I hope you guys had an awesome Independence Day (woo hoo for the long weekend!). Jonathan was working on the 4th, so Miss Annie-Bear and I hung out, just us girls. Ahem. And Wesley.


So ever since before Annie was born, I have been meaning to get pictures of our nursery up (on FB) and just never got around to it. I made this awesome video while I was still huge-o preggers, but never posted it either (until now). But lately I finished some final projects in the nursery-in-progress, and wanted to show it off…

I also wanted to inspire. You see, this nursery was done on budget smaller than our bun in the oven, so that meant a lot of DIY projects and thinking outside the box. So without further ado, the nursery:


I had no idea what we were going to do for a nursery. I knew I didn't want anything theme-y, and it would be a huge perk if whatever we chose would grow up well with our little girl. Jonathan and I had bought a Thomas Kinkade print of his painting of Cinderella Castle while we in Disney World in 2008. I knew I wanted to hang the print in the nursery, and make sure the colors we chose for the room would draw out some of the lovely shades in the print. I chose to make my own curtains, so mom and I spent a few hours in JoAnn Fabrics hemming and hawing over fabric choices. I knew that once we chose a fabric and concept for the curtains, the tone and color choices for the nursery would be firmed up.
When all was said and done, the curtains for both windows, ribbons, and rods set us back about $80. Not bad for custom, huh?
Our La-Z-Boy rocker/recliner was free from my parents. I picked up a sheet from Ross for about $10 to cover the ugly thing. The cute little nightstand was EXACTLY what I wanted. Originally $100(!) at Fred Meyer, I picked it up for $30 on sale. The lamp was a DIY project involving leftover curtain fabric, some ribbon out of my craft kit, and a couple of by-the-yard embellishments from JoAnn's. Oh...and let's not forget the cute lil' piggy bank I hand-painted myself to match the curtains.
Ahh the dresser. A labor of love, to be sure. Much like giving birth to a baby...
Okay, so it wasn't that bad, but it was a lot of work, mostly because it was our first refinishing project. We picked this little gem up at a garage sale for a mere 20 beans. After stripping, sanding, priming, spray painting, and putting down pretty contact paper in the bottoms of the drawers, we figured we were out an additional $30. So $50 for a custom dresser? Don't mind if we do.
Also - that gorgeous shelf? $3 at a garage sale (it was new in a Lowe's box, originally marked for $25. Score!) 

And all this fuss for this sweet little munchkin. Who, by the way, refuses to sleep in that crib.


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