Saturday, June 18, 2011

{ The First One }

I am a full-time wife and mother. What I do is very important to me. Between creating a loving, comfortable, welcoming environment for my husband and teaching, playing with, and caring for my daughter – I find the question “what do you do all day?” almost laughable. Throw in two needy cats and a Saint Bernard and we’ve got a full-time circus here! And though the purpose of this blog isn’t to answer the “what do you do all day?” question – though I’m sure it may shed some light on the topic – the real intention goes deeper.

The primary inspiration for this blog was motivation and accountability. Surely if someone is watching me do projects I might actually finish them. So, that is pretty selfish, but maybe it will be the fire-under-my-rear that I need to organize my time and talents to better serve my family, and ultimately, God.
Secondly, and most importantly, I wanted to document my journey (if you will) as the Lord leads me to create my home and nurture my family with the talents and abilities he’s given me. There is so much that women can learn from each other. Valuable things. And since I have benefitted from some great blogs written by creative, inspiring women who are much better cooks than me…I am hoping that this blog inspires you to try new things, be creative, or at the very least, enjoy watching my bungled attempts.

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